Covid-19 Working from Home Deductions for Employees

Please use the following form to determine which claim method you will be using and to provide the information required for your claim.

Ontario Covid-19 Business Supports Grants

The Ontario government recently expanded its Covid-19 funding relief programs for businesses. Please visit the following link and follow the prompts, to determine if your business meets the qualifications to receive additional funding.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit is open for applications on April 6th. Please see the following for details about qualification requirements and the application process.

Child and Family Benefits Calculator

Canada Child Benefit payments are undergoing a change. This change is currently scheduled to take effect in July 2016. To visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s Calculator and find out the latest information on what your benefit will look like, please click below.

Direct Deposit

For your options to set up direct deposit with Canada Revenue Agency, please click below.

Frauds & Scams

Frauds and scams are increasingly prevalent in our high tech society. For the latest information and tips to protect yourself please click below.

Making an Electronic Payment to CRA

If you are an individual or a business that needs to make an electronic payment to Canada Revenue Agency please click below.

Life Events

When facing some of life’s major events such as a death, marriage, a disability or a move please reference tips and pointers that need to be taken care of by clicking below.

Service Canada Benefits Finder

Service Canada provides a useful website that assists Canadians in obtaining a customized list of benefits (Federal and Provincial) for which they may be eligible. To access, please click below.

Links to Commonly Requested Forms

T2200 – Declaration of Conditions of Employment

T2201 – Disability Tax Credit Certificate

T1-M – Moving Expense Deduction